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IIA Navi Mumbai center is organizing

Motorsports Racing track
Design Competition

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Design the future

A design competition to bring out your future version of Navi Mumbai which  will start on 15th December 2022 

Get ready to participate in this Race!



Hello everyone!!!

Fasten your seat belt, it’s time to take a long breath and close your eyes as we are here to take you on a fast ride!

Imagine yourself driving on a motorsport circuit in Navi Mumbai.

If you can imagine this then, we are sure you can jot your imagination on paper as well, and we hope you enjoy this exercise that may one day very well be reality!


History of Motor Racing 

The need for speed takes us to the very dawn of the human race. The Paleolithic age, roughly 2.5 million years ago to 10000 BC is far larger than all of modern history. Early Humans lived in caves and small huts. Hunting and gathering were the means of survival. Being quick was often the deciding factor between life and death, whether it was running away from predators or hunting prey for the next meal. As we evolved in an attempt to quell our primal selves we turned to race, whether it was racing animals, chariots, or much later, motor vehicles.

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile's top level of competition for open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars is called Formula 1. Since its first season in 1950, the World Drivers' Championship, which later changed its name to the FIA Formula One World Championship, has been one of the most prestigious racing series in the world. The name's use of the word "formula" alludes to the set of requirements that all participants' automobiles must meet. Grands Prix, a collection of events that make up a Formula One season, are held all over the world on both closed public roads and purpose-built racing tracks.



We at the IIA Navi Mumbai Centre are organizing an Inter-college competition for designing a motorsport track at Dapoli, Navi Mumbai.

Currently, there is only one Grade 1 circuit in India with multiple proposals across the country. So we at the IIA are trying to give a base for a similar project right here in Navi Mumbai!

Motorsport in India is seeing a sharp surge in popularity. In the past, India hosted a series of Formula One races at the Buddh International Circuit, Noida, but they were discontinued due to tax disputes and Motorsport not being recognized as a ‘Sport’in India. In 2013, that was the last major Motorsport event that took place. But this scenario is going to transform very soon! Formula E and Moto GP have announced India as a venue for races in 2023 and India will soon have its own feeder series of F4 and F3 which will give a systematic way for aspirants to get into the international scene of events. The aim of this competition is to design a Circuit where motorsport events can be carried out efficiently and effectively.



All the participants will be getting the certificate for participation. There will be three awards in total and the winners will get certificates and cash prizes also. The trophy will be a Rotating trophy that your college can yearn for every year.

A design competition to bring out your future version of Navi Mumbai! Design contests are a chance to show off your talent, get recognition from peers, and pique the interest of renowned architects. Plus, cash rewards don’t hurt, either!

  • 1st Prize -                  51,000/-

  • 2nd Prize -                 31,000/-

  • Consolation Prize -  15,000/-


Terms & Conditions

  1. The teams can be formed in a format with each team comprising of a maximum of 5 participants.

  2. Registration for the Competition is Free.

  3. The last date of registration is 31st December.

  4. The last Date of submission of deliverables is on 31st January.

  5. The competition timeline shall be updated shortly following the closing of registration. It will be a 2-day live jury, the shortlisted participants will be gathering at the venue pre-decided by IIA. Venue and further details shall be announced shortly.

  6. There will be a live jury and the winners will be announced there on the 2nd day.

  7. If there is any discrepancy in the awards the team IIA Navi Mumbai Centre reserves all rights on the making of the final decision.

Meet the Organizers

We have a team of experts behind the organization of this glorious competition.

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